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Who is Selay?*


"A soul who is going through healing herself, mother of two magnificient kids, a wife, a daughter, big sister twice, 6 times aunt, a daughter-in-law, a sister-in-law, someone who studied a major (Economics) she never liked
(the conditions in my country!!) and doing what she is in love with, for a living, someone whose efforts to find the better, the healthier and to learn never end" * 

     Hi there…

     Even via internet, I am delighted that we may get acquainted. Well, aren’t we all having most of our transactions of all kinds via internet since the beginning of 2020, anyway? Nevermind… don’t let me get away from the subject…

     It has been more than 20 years since I have stepped into the world of “personal growth” thanks to a friend of mine (Açelya, where are you?). I grew up in a difficult environment in some aspects, so this “carry yourself to a better place in life” idea wasn’t far from me anyway, but I am thankful she gave that little push. I quickly felt I belonged to this new world; and I realized I had a long way to go when I was unable to practice a simple exercise in Louise L. Hay’s (R.I.P.) book, You Can Heal Your Life. Since then, I am working on solving these “knots” in me. Don’t think I am a mess; everyone has knots inside but only some are aware and working on them.  I can’t stand anyone suffering physically or emotionally, and as a result, this urge to “heal” took the form of helping the people around me heal as well. However it took me quite some time to realize I was made to help people despite seeing that I am INFJ in Keirsey Temperament Sorter, based on the famous Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®. I am as BLUE as Smurfette in the Color Code Personality Profile of Dr. Taylor Hartman and an online test I took 20 + years ago to see what job should I be doing had told me I should better be in an occupation that I would be helping people. It was already a bit late given the circumstances in my country as it is not easy to change carreers, or so I thought.

     After working in a few corporate positions, my valuable Middle East Technical University, Economics Diploma that I could not like neither while I was studying nor when I was working, had to be put aside as we moved to China upon a job offer my husband had received. We put together our stuff and took our then 2,5 years old son and moved to Dongguan City, in Guangdong Province of China in the summer of 2010.  The birth of the second baby which I did not dare have, in the crazy conditions of the terrific and very challenging city, where we were living in our homecountry; and as she was born, my farewell to sleep was the summer of 2011. The new little miss’ respiratory system was very sensitive and though not as bad Beijing, the air quality in Dongguan wasn’t that good. Result?  For the next 3 years, I could sleep only 1,5 hrs the longest. Thanks to the doctors in the family and my sister who is a pharmacist, I know a good deal of the benefits and unwanted side effects of antibiotics that my baby had to use almost constantly for those first 5 years. We were spending so much time in the only clinic with English speaking staff that there were jokes about putting me on their payroll.  As I did not know any alternatives, I could only watch my baby spiral down that cycle of antibiotics. She had croup (3 times), pneumonia, bronchialitis, bronchitis, in her first years. She had pneumonia exactly 1.5 years old to be followed by bronchialitis exactly a month later.

     It went on like that until a friend that I met as a result of weird consequences (“there are no accidents” says, Master Oogwei of Kungfu Panda movie) kind of forced me to meet essential oils for my little one. This meeting with essential oils brought a very valuable alternative to my family’s healthcare, stopped my little one’s visits to the clinic and brought me life-long friendships; so I am extremely grateful to her and the most trustworthy essential oil brand I could find, so far… And there goes my aromatherapy journey, since 2016.

     Coming very close to death after giving birth to my second baby, her health going the way it did until essential oils, sleeplessness, and more really wore me out. Don’t say “oh, you are so spoilt”; everyone’s problems are big for themselves. Not having any English speaking professional in China, to get help, I started walking the personal growth (or a search for holistic wellness) way again. One of my friends this essentail oil brand brought in my life, Elsa, gave me an RTT (**) session and I was back to my personal growth walk… Or let’s say, I continued my walk of personal growth; going backwards is not good ;-)

     With just one session from Elsa, I was able to open doors that many hours of therapy in my homecountry could not. You can reach her via, especially if you feel more comfortable communicating in French or with someone who speaks English with a British accent. By the way, if you thought “is she nuts?” when I mentioned “hours of therapy”, let’s depart our ways here, no need to tire ourselves trying to get to know each other ;-)

     A while after that, I decided to let go of “I should do this, I should do that, I gotta …., I gotta ….”and let myself free for a while and during that period of time, I learned about new healing methods. Meanwhile some unexpected events lead us to suddenly decide to move back to our homecountry. I wasn’t very eager to go back but things forced us to. 

     Well, despite what many people imagine moving back to your home country feels like, I wasn’t jumping in joy at all and it wasn’t in the blink of an eye that we got used to our new life. Besides I could not get my beloved essential oils in this country. Nope, can not ship them here, either. Before we could figure out where we were and what hit us, a virus with a code name starting with a “C” hit the whole world as of the beginning of 2020; locked up the world in their homes and screwed up –still screwing up- economies.

     As it was not possible to continue with my essential oil journey the way I could in China, I found myself going after some other “healing” methods. Like what? Like, Reiki, Reiki with crystals, Access Consciousness and Family Constellations. So what do we have? A few “knot” processors or physical, emotional and mental “wellness” methods and Access Consciousness based Access the Bars method, to create a new reality.

      Long story short, I am choosing to hang my Middle East Technical University diploma on the wall, at the top of my other training certificates and supporting people in their “wellness” journey, physically, mentally, emotionally… I totally believe in a holistic approach to healing; for example my neck pain is connected to my teeth clenching at night which is connected to my easily stressed personality. So if you only give me pankillers for the neck pain, it doesn’t work alone, I am sorry to say… Everything is connected as everything is energy…

     I am choosing the path of “wellness”…by Sharing and Caring*…

    ...with love & light...


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